Redrock Lane House

Our client was fitting out their new residential home and wanted a kitchen that referenced the geology of their section, perched high above the city on rocky cliffs. We were really proud of the geometric, edgy joinery that we delivered based on drawings supplied to us. The angular island in the centre of the kitchen posed some real technical challenges with regard to the sub-structure of the cabinetry; however, 3D modelling of each section gave us precise measurements to work with.

• Interior of kitchen island strengthened with steel to ensure structural integrity of overhanging edge
• Exposed edges of doors and drawers finished with American white oak and Tekton edge clashing
• Solid oak handle details constructed using traditional joinery techniques
• Acoustic dampening included in overhead cabinets to reduce noise when opening and closing
• Remarkable end result, featuring clean lines, interesting angles and expert finishing
• Similar details repeated in vanities and wardrobes throughout

Location: Redcliffs, Christchurch, Canterbury
Industry: Residential
Type of Project: Full fitout