Commercial Joinery.
On Time. On Point.

We are hardwired to notice our surroundings.

Some physical spaces just feel good to be in.

While the reasons may seem intangible at first, look closer – and you’ll often find they’re not.

There will be details that impress but don’t overwhelm, such as the perfect use of woodgrain, ambitious geometries and forms or a finish that catches the light in a compelling way.

We all know that positive associations are a good thing for branding, whether it’s passengers at an airline check-in, patrons at a restaurant or winery, or guests at a hotel.

A well designed and crafted space is a joy to behold.

Harmony of design. Details that attract attention, but don’t overwhelm. We believe that innovative design, quality craftsmanship and beautiful materials all contribute to making a space a pleasure to be in.

Our brain, at some level, appreciates and values its surroundings.

The challenge we set ourselves is to create that feeling in every joinery project we do – from well-executed solid timber windows to complex projects seeking clever use of space and materials and scaled-up commercial joinery made possible using our state-of-the-art CNC technology.

We are the custodians of a rare skillset and get a thrill out of surprising our clients with what can be achieved when you push the boundaries of traditional joinery and pair it with commercial workflows.
If that sounds like something you want on your side, get in touch.

Have a challenge for us? We’re ready.

Organizations We’ve Worked With

“I have worked with Lunds Joinery for over 10 years. Whether it’s the Christchurch Art Gallery or my own home, I know I can rely on their quality and delivery timeframes.”


Caleb Ballin, Managing Director and Founder, Cequent Projects.