Gibbston Valley Lodge Bar

Our client was developing a new luxury destination, featuring an architecturally designed central lodge and cellar area. They required a ‘feature’ piece for the bar area in the lodge, which culminated in the development of a dramatic solid oak curved bench completed with a high-quality stain finish. The designer wanted “a contemporary look with a traditional feel” – something that felt like it had been there longer than it actually had. The finished product is classy, durable for a commercial setting and will age gracefully. Our joiners’ unmatched skills and experience on the floor helped us do an excellent job of assembling the bench after it was produced in sections using modern CNC technology.

• At more than 6.5m long and half a metre high, the bar’s curved wooden bench was machined out of solid American white oak in sections using a point to point CNC router
• Construction of the 6.5m bench also drew on traditional craftsmanship, i.e. shaping, joining and hand finishing
• The solid oak bench sat on a curved MDF substructure; finished with textured wallpaper
• The service area behind the bar featured cabinetry with oak veneer, with the grain angled for effect
• Project featured extensive use of brass inserts and fixtures

Location: Queenstown
Industry: Hospitality
Type of Project: Full fitout